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Monday, January 9, 2012

All I ever Needed to know about Dating I Learned from Hunter Seat Equitation

You know one thing that makes me proud to be a horse person? We're one of the only corners of society that gets to objectify MEN. So many other pursuits - politics, music, athletics - have women standing at the sidelines or backstage or off-camera, waiting to lend support.

(Fun quote: behind every successful man is a surprised woman)

In the horse world, men are often the ones hanging on the sidelines with cold beverages and snacks. Wallets, too. Because we look good in tight pants. Because we're tough and elegant all at the same time. Because we're not to be trifled with. They know we own whips that are taller than they are. We aren't scared of spiders and we only get worried about bumps in the night when we're sleeping in the barn with a sick horse.

I don't watch The Bachelor anymore because they stopped picking hot guys a long time ago. I'm not sure they ever did, come to think of it. I did catch the premiere last week, long enough to see that one of the contestants is an accomplished rider. I hope she doesn't win. She's too good for all this. Why is she on there, again? And how does "I'm finally ready to find love" translate into "I'm ready to compete with 24 other women for a guy I may or may not want"?

Good luck, Lindsay/Lindzie/Lyndzy(?)! I hope you find your distance. Which means you don't win, but walk away without hemorrhaging dignity and can parlay this little contest into something lovely. All of you looking for love, I wish you the same....the trophy probably isn't the prize you once thought, so the trick is to find your distance so you can make it over this obstacle and on to the next jump. In the world of men, dirty stoppers abound and all the good ones are either taken or on the wrong lead. Heads up!


  1. Lol, love the quote.

    I've always been independent by nature, but I have to say that I think being with horses has given me a lot more brains when it comes to respect. Every relationship needs it.

    Speaking of horses and men, it's time for me to go and wake up my boyfriend - he's coming along to a horse auction with me today =)

  2. ROFLMAO!! I love, love, love this: "In the world of men, dirty stoppers abound and all the good ones are either taken or on the wrong lead."

    You need to run a Dear Abby for Horsewomen column, you really do.

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