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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Which of your horse's rations have you tasted? How was it? Better or worse than you thought?

I've only tasted Equine Senior...not bad, not bad. What I enjoyed most was the day I licked a brand new mineral salt block. It was clean, so I thought, why not? It was divine! Ponykins was in the cross ties at the time so I felt like I was being greedy. We enjoyed tasting bits of it together. Probably gross, but it's good to know what they're tasting. I avoided the parts he licked, which wasn't hard because he drooled all over his part. Maybe I'll make him a horsey margarita for his birthday: a bucket of apple juice lined with bits of salt.

Speaking of buckets, keep them clean! Clean buckets = more water drinking = less risk of colic. No being lax about it just because the weather is cold right now. No, they're not "getting lots of water by eating snow." Make sure the water is clean and not frozen. No, they shouldn't have to break through a layer of ice to get to it. This is horsemanship, not ice fishing.

My guy is finicky about any kind of new food or treat; he only recently decided sugar cubes were okay! He especially adores mints. In a few weeks here, candy canes will be on clearance and he will be guaranteed an endless supply of them. Those of us with hard candy-addict horses know the entertainment that goes along with watching them light up at the sound of crackling plastic. They stand a HAND taller! I'm going to send peppermint candies to my favorite rescue. I'm not able to write them a big check, or a small check, really. But the rescues will have treats! Because they deserve it just as much.

Horses are for consuming food, not becoming food.

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  1. I made my horses a steamflaked barley and honey kind of thing as a treat once. I baked it and it smelt SO good I decided I would try some.

    It did not taste the way it smelt. It was bad.

    My opinion on water is if I would drink it when I got thirsty, or jump in it for a swim then it's fine for them. If it's growing algae or has slime floating around ask yourself - would I drink that?