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Monday, January 2, 2012

Where would you like to be in 2012?

Seriously, where? This isn't a philosophical question.

I hate New Year's. It begins the march onward toward things I loathe......winter, the Stupidbowl, more winter, February (January's boorish friend), winter, an extra fucking day of February this year, and more winter. I want to kidnap those clowns in warm climates who bought fake snow machines and make them look at crusty brown snowbanks for an hour. Kind of like a frosty version of scared straight.

Winter turns me into kind of a bitch like that. And we're having a mild one, so I suppose I'll turn into a mild bitch.

Obviously I'd be happier in a warmer climate. The one thing I like about where I live is that it's in a horsey area. The area in which I grew up, not so much. Here I've been exposed to good things like quality schooling shows, people who keep track of whether their horse is drinking enough water, and properly fitting tack. Swoon.

There are warmer areas, but are the good horsey ones a bit expensive? And though it's like a foreign concept to me, there are warmer spots where summer riding takes place in the early a.m. or perhaps around dusk. Such begins the various permutations of making sure horses are comfortable in the heat.

I wonder where that "sweet spot" is that is warm but not punishingly hot, non-redneck yet affordable, adequately horsey, and somewhat scenic, and not too far from my relatives.

But not too close, either.

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